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When it comes to pressure washing services in Bentonville, Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions is the best. Locally owned and operated, we know our town better than any other cleaning service in Arkansas. Our full range of professional cleaning services is guaranteed to cover any cleaning and maintenance needs you may have: from driveways to dumpsters and brightening to sealing, our comprehensive set of offerings will restore, repair, refurbish and remaster any area of your property that may be in need.

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When it comes to residential pressure washing, roof cleaning and driveway washing are often the most important areas to service. Residential houses usually have shingling which is fragile and can accumulate invasive growths over long periods. These growths can be organic like mosses or inorganic like oxidation (rust). If left undisturbed, any of these growths can spread between shingles and cause issues like separation, allowing moisture inside the sealing.

Driveways can have similar issues if left unmaintained for long periods. While driveways don't usually accumulate invasive growths, they attract other problems, like liquids that can permeate their pores and sink deeper over time. These liquids often include engine greases or oils but can also include other chemicals like pesticides.

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Efficiency and speed mean nothing if the job isn't done thoroughly. After years of experience, we can guarantee our professional technicians will leave no area uncleaned and no part of your property will reflect its previous, undesirable condition. We are committed to earning your trust as Bentonville's best quality and most thorough cleaners!

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In a city like Bentonville, commercial pressure washing needs to be of the highest quality to maintain top marketability and continue attracting customers. Your storefront or commercial building facade needs to present a picture of cleanliness and quality. If left untended for years or even months, grease, grime, or other contaminants can easily build up to create an appearance of discoloration or embarrassing marring on decor or imagery featured on your entrances.

If such discoloration or staining becomes apparent to prospective customers or other people walking by your store, they can feel affronted by the lack of maintenance and this can result in a loss of business. These circumstances are unfortunate and very preventable! Simply by scheduling regular commercial pressure washing, we can guarantee you will never lose business from a dirty storefront.

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Routine pressure washing simply guarantees that your property will never accumulate enough dirt, grime, or staining to become an issue! Such issues can include simple curb appeal or more practical quality upkeep. If any part of a property - residential or commercial - is left to deteriorate, this can lead to breakdown and rot. With routine pressure washing, you can guarantee all parts of your property remain in their best condition, ensuring high quality and resale value for years to come.

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Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions is proud to be the highest-quality pressure washing service in Arkansas! But don't just take our word for it. Customers around the state have been raving about our superior quality, leading to an exponential increase in demand. To meet this increase, we've been able to open and operate stores in all of the following locations:

So, what are you waiting for? Customers all around Bentonville can't get enough of our excellent cleaning service, and we believe you'll love it too. Call 479-208-6264 today for a free estimate and to schedule a cleaning for your property!

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Routine roof cleaning should always be top on any homeowner's mind instead of replacement. While roof replacement is sometimes necessary, it should be avoided if possible. Replacing a roof can void the warranty and be exorbitantly expensive, whereas professional roof cleaning will prolong the roof's lifespan, increase curb appeal, and keep that warranty intact.

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All of them!

Our professional cleaning equipment and professionals are prepared for any type of building or property. Whether you own a store, apartment complex, house, or larger piece of property, Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions is ready and able to tackle any cleaning situation you may have.

If there's a building on the property, we can clean it!

Unfortunately, yes.

While most sidewalks are public property, they don't always get adequate attention from public facilities, so we do recommend going the extra mile to clean sidewalks near your house. If the sidewalk is on your property, like the one leading from your driveway to your entrance, these are important to keep in proper condition with regular sidewalk washing.

Neglected sidewalks can become hazardous for pedestrians, and if they're on the property you own, it's important to be mindful of the quality and lifespan of the cement. When sidewalks are left untended, they can attract organic growths that can flourish in moist conditions and grow expansively underneath the cement. These growths can cause cracks or dislodge cement squares and may necessitate replacement.


While these are ideally out of sight of customers, it's best to maintain clean dumpster pads to prevent conditions that may enable germ or bacteria growth. In addition to preventing potentially unhealthy conditions, if there is ever a circumstance in which a customer approaches, it's best to present the best possible image of cleanliness and care for all areas of your business. A filthy dumpster pad does not project a positive image!

Excessively dirty dumpster pads also encourage unpleasant odors, can become a breeding ground for disease, and attract rodents. Simply scheduling a routine cleaning can prevent all of these things and present an idealistic image to any passersby!


If sidewalks and walkways have been exposed to excessive moisture and rainwater, they'll likely attract moss spores that will quickly grow around the edges of the cement. Moss can have harmful effects on walkways and sidewalks because it can spread quickly beneath and around the squares, pushing up and between the edges and causing spacing concerns. This will lead to cracking and an overall decrease in the longevity of the walkways. Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent moss from taking root and spreading.


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