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Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions Bentonville pressure washing is the residential pressure washing solution Bentonville deserves! Locally owned and operated, our professionals' years of experience will guarantee your property gets the cleaning attention it needs.

R house

House Washing

Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions' residential pressure washing professionals often have to switch between the two common types of pressure washing for house washing services: power washing & soft washing. Power washing uses higher-force water spray and can be used on more durable housing materials such as stonework or metal. Soft washing is a lower-pressure method necessary for the sensitive parts in most houses, like vinyl and wood, that can be harmed under the powerful forces of regular pressure washing.

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R roof

Roof Cleaning

Due to the generally sensitive nature of most roofs, our professionals only utilize soft washing in this area. This is because most roofs are made with shingles, which are generally made of thin clay or ceramics. These are fragile and can crack, break, or shift easily under too much pressure—and it doesn't take much. Our soft washing technique also involves a detergent bath, which soaks invasive growths and unbinds them from the shingles, enabling a simple rinse-off to wash the entire area clean.

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R driveway

Driveway Cleaning

The opposite of roof cleaning in terms of methodology, driveways are generally made of cement, concrete, or asphalt, which means that power washing is acceptable. Since these materials won't bruise or damage under pressure, our residential pressure washing experts will usually go straight to high-power washing, which is most often necessary to remove the tough stains present in driveways!

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R sidewalk

Sidewalk Cleaning

Sidewalks are quite similar to driveways. Though they can be comprised of brick or stonework just as often as cement or asphalt, the cleaning technique remains the same. Our residential pressure-washing technicians will power-wash these areas to remove the tough, ingrained stains often present on residential or commercial sidewalks and walkways.

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R gutterclean

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter systems are just as sensitive as the rest of the roof. Comprised of thin metal with equally thin attachments, applying too much weight on these systems can break, damage, or dent them just as easily as roofing shingles. Our experts know the right technique to approach and effectively clean gutters, which often involves removing obstructive plant debris as well as clearing mud and dirt from the bottom.

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R gutterbrighten

Gutter Brightening

Not to be confused with gutter cleaning, gutter brightening is the chemical process of removing baked-on grime and tarnish from the exteriors of your gutters. Although it's purely an aesthetic process, Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions recommends gutter brightening to improve the curb appeal of your residence and increase the overall value of your property.

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R paver

Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Paver cleaning can be a more arduous process due to the difficult nature of cleaning between pavers/bricks in your pathway or driveways. Improper techniques can result in breaking, cracking, or shifting the bricks in place. Once they've been cleaned properly, sealing your pavers is a no-brainer. The process applies a simple chemical sealant that blocks out moisture and grime, ensuring your pavers remain clean and pristine for years to come.

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