The Importance Of Sealing Your Cleaned Pavers

The importance of sealing cleaned pavers

There's no getting around it—cleaning pavers is a lot of work! Any Bentonville home or business owner will know that it's an arduous task and not a lot of fun, but the rewards are boundless. Everyone wants a professionally clean back and front yard, and if you have pavers in either area, those are just part of the deal!

Once they're clean, then sure, it will take a long time for any substantial amount of dirt to accumulate, and longer still for it to become noticeable. But why allow that accumulation to occur in the first place? With paver sealing for your Bentonville residence, you can prevent that dirt and grime from accumulating to a large extent. The process isn't perfect, of course, but sealing out dirt and moisture will prevent another professional cleaning to be necessary for much longer!

Simply put, there's no reason not to add a sealing service to your professional paver cleaning. Once these pathways are clean, it's a simple way to prevent dirt, moisture, and grime from easily returning. Call today to schedule a paver sealing service for your Bentonville pathways today!

Sealing Your Sidewalk To Keep It Clean Longer

Paver sealing simply refers to adding a chemical sealant layer over the topic of your cleaned and dried pavers, or brick pathway or driveway.

These brick pathways are more of an arduous process to thoroughly clean because of the many spaces, crevices, and tight spaces between bricks. While they're not possible to reach with most cleaning tools, bacteria, dirt, and other organic grime can easily get between and cause issues! Dirt, soil, insects, and seeds can all take root in those cracks and enlarge, whether via insects laying eggs or plants germinating. These are arduous areas to thoroughly clean and can be cumbersome to maintain.

By simply requesting a sealing service, this issue can be resolved for months or even years to come. Since the chemical sealant is only applied after a thorough pressure washing has been completed, the dry bricks are covered over, and all moisture is locked out. In the absence of unwanted moisture and other invasive contaminants, the cleanliness of the brick pathway is preserved long-term. Further maintenance will eventually be necessary when the sealant wears down and moisture and grime are allowed to creep back in, but this will be years down the line!

The best part is that once your pavers are sealed and the process has completed and dried, it doesn't change anything for your yard use! You're free to grill, play, build, or otherwise use your front or backyard as you normally would. The sealant is fully safe for families and simply means you've earned a break from intensive cleaning for a while!