Dumpster Pad Cleaning for Bentonville Businesses & Commercial Properties

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While it may not be obvious, dumpster pad cleaning is an important aspect of commercial businesses in Bentonville when it comes to upkeeping their property. Several aspects of dumpster pad maintenance and cleaning will benefit your business. By holding regular dumpster pad cleaning, you're able to prevent:

  • Disease & health risk
  • Unsightly appearances
  • Employee grievances
  • Unpleasant odors

Even dumpsters that aren't completely full and don't contain actively rotting organic waste (like food products) can quickly become unsightly. If your dumpster pad is already in need of maintenance with stains and runoff, it will cause disgust in employees and customers alike if they approach it. Full dumpsters only make the sight more offensive, and employees that are in charge of trash removal will likely feel grievance when having to handle such a dumpster situation.

If the situation is bad, dumpsters and their pads can become breeding grounds for bacteria and disease. Leaky trash, or even originally dry trash that has attracted moisture and runoff, can drip continuously onto the pad below and create puddles of stagnant oils or thin films of grease atop the cement that are ideal environments for diseases to multiply. These conditions can attract rodents and other animals that are both disturbing for passing customers and potential health risks for employees who are required to interact with the area.

Our Dumpster Sanitation Professionals Get The Job Done Right

The best way to handle dumpster pad cleaning is to schedule regular cleanings with Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions. Our professional technicians aren't deterred by even the worst dumpster pad situation, no matter how much leakage might be leaking from it!

Since dumpsters and their pads are made from metal and concrete or cement, we aren't afraid to break out the big tools. The best way to handle ingrained dumpster stains is by a combination of hefty measures. We'll use high-force pressure washing spray, hot water, and a combination of detergents that will both unbind and wash away chemicals and leave the area shiny and clean.

Dumpster Area Washing Professionals To Maintain Your Business

With your dumpster pad cleaning complete and the area free of waste, stains, leakage, or odors, you'll no longer have to worry about aggrieved employees managing your business' waste or about customers who happen to wander in that direction. Neither should think twice about the situation again!

When you schedule regular cleanings, no offensive waste situation will arise again. As our technicians return regularly, your dumpster will never have a chance to reach unsightly proportions! Also, consider Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions for the rest of your commercial pressure washing needs.

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