Let Bentonville's Professionals Handle Your Gutter Cleaning Problems

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After roof cleaning, gutter cleaning is one of the most important cleaning services you can request for your Bentonville home. While roof washing ensures the longevity of your roofing shingles and prevents them from cracking or shifting, frequent and regular gutter cleaning ensures rainwater has a clear path through your gutter system and back to the ground.

Gutters that aren't regularly cleaned can quickly accumulate large amounts of leaves and other plant-based debris that not only impede water flow but also become heavyweights in themselves. Gutters are only attached to roofs by small pieces, and they aren't meant to hold significant weight. If your gutters are neglected for an extended period, it can cause undue strain on the gutter attachments, which may cause them to break down before their intended lifespan.

Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions' pressure washing experts also want to ask homeowners not to attempt to clean their gutters. Many people feel that gutter cleaning is a simple task that doesn't need professional skill. However, gutters are fragile systems, and mishandling them can damage the gutters or their attachments. Additionally, gutter debris can attract unpleasant pests like stinging or biting insects that may attack if disturbed. It's simply not worth the risk of potential injury or house repair when a professional service can get the job done quickly and efficiently the first time.

How Gutter Washing Protects Your Property's Foundation

It's a little-known fact that an effective gutter system can help increase the longevity of your home's foundation. When rainwater is free to fall straight from the roof edges, all of the water pours straight down onto your foundation. Over time, all that water would sink freely into the ground, loosening the soil and compromising the ground's firmness. Effective gutters and downspouts redirect the water away from the roof's edges, channeling the runoff away from the house's edges and either into the street or into larger drainage systems.

You can ensure your foundation remains secure by scheduling regular gutter cleaning for your Bentonville residence!

Downspout Washing Makes Sure Your Gutters Are Healthy

Gutter systems only work if their downspouts work! Downspouts are the vertical pipes that carry the rainwater from the gutter system down to the ground.

It's unfortunately easy for downspouts to become clogged. Since they're fully enclosed, it's hard to know just by watching or listening to downspouts whether they're clogged or not. If you suspect a downspout on your property is clogged, there's a simple way to check. On a sunny, dry day, have a friend help you and pour water down the top of the downspout you suspect is clogged. If the water comes out quickly, freely, and easily at the bottom, then there shouldn't be an issue. However, if the water takes some time to come out the bottom, if not much comes out, or if none comes out at all, then the spout is clogged.

Of course, you could simply skip the risk and extra labor and just schedule complete gutter cleaning services with the pros at Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions! Just call Southern Shine Cleaning Solutions and we'll send a technician your way for a downspout washing to clear out the pipe!